Chinese series dubbed in Thai on WeTV are easy on the eyes and ears, easy to watch while working or watch with your family. We’ve picked out the best stories for you.

A collection of Chinese series dubbed in Thai TV

  1. Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation The Untamed (Thai dubbed)

Number of episodes: 50 episodes. Click to watch.

From a hot online novel to an intense martial arts series that tells the story of male friendship. 16 years ago, the world was controlled by five major families, including the Grandson of Gu Su. Yun Meng’s Jiang Clan The Nie Clan of Qinghe Wen Family of Qishan and the Jin family of Lan Ling Afterwards, the Wen family went on a rampage. creating distress for the people The gods upholding the virtues of other families Therefore, they had to work together to resist the Wen family.

Wei Wuxian (Xiao Zhan), a kind-hearted young disciple of the Jiang family who later trained in demon arts and was dubbed “Grandmaster Yi Ling”, overthrew the Wen family and gained success. But because of his strong technique, many people were afraid. Experts from everywhere tried to destroy Wei Wuxian. Until finally, he disappeared without a trace.

16 years later, Wei Wuxian reappears as a masked man named Mo Xuanyu (Xiao Zhan). Everyone doesn’t recognize him. He is reunited with his partner Lan Wang Ji (Wang Yibo) from the Lan Clan of Gusu, Jiang Cheng (Wang Zuocheng), the younger disciple of the Jiang Clan of Yun Meng. Including other people in the past Wei Wuxian’s return this time will come to unravel the mysteries of the past and the truth that everyone never expected.

  1. Divine Master of Glory The King’s Avatar (Thai dubbed)

Number of episodes: 40 episodes. Click to watch.

Divine Master of Glory An intense Chinese e-sports series adapted from the famous novel written by Hu Dialan. It is the story of Ye Xiu (Yang Yang), a top expert in the Glory game industry. who has won many championships But for some reason, he suddenly announced his retirement. “Yi Ye Ziqiu,” the god-level character he had created with his hands, had to be passed on to a new successor. But he was born to be with Glory!

After resigning from the Glory Club He applies for a job at Xingxin Internet Cafe, which is owned by Chen Guo (Jiang Su Ying). She is also a Glory fan. Meanwhile, Ye Xiu worked as a manager at an internet cafe. He has created a new ID. “Jun Mo Xiao” to find a way to restore the “Stunning Umbrella”, the ultimate item of Glory. and created a new club team, the Sing Sin Club. All of whom are amateur players. They must encounter many obstacles and disappointments in order to become professional e-sports players. Ye Xiu will be able to recover his magic umbrella skills. To unlock some of the knots in his heart?

  1. Lady thief Legend of Fei (Thai dubbed)

Number of episodes: 51 episodes. Click to watch.

Liang Province and Chen Province during the Northern and Southern Dynasties The world was in chaos. Li Wei, the famous “Southern Sword”, established “Forty-eight Bandit Camps” in the middle of the Sun Valley. Welcoming all the warriors who were destitute and defenseless. Living a life cut off from the outside world Later, when Li Wei died The famous nickname disappeared.

Years later, a young man named Xiao Yun secretly entered the camp in the middle of the night and rescued Li Wei’s niece, Zhou Fei. From that moment on, their bound destinies were born. half a year later The two meet again. But instead, he was hunted down by the killers of the Seven Destroyers Building Group. The two were thus drawn into an evil plot.

Zhou Fei received instruction from his ancestors and began practicing swordsmanship. With the determination to subdue evil people, suppress riots, and arrest enemies of the land. Help refugees With Xia Yun joining the attack and retreating by his side. Two people work together and never abandon each other until they reach their desire to become two polite thieves of the world. Zhou Fei has become the next generation Southern Sword Master.

  1. Hundreds of love in my heart The Sword and the Brocade (Thai dubbed)

Number of episodes: 45 episodes. Click to watch.

During the Ming Dynasty, Eleven Luo, Eleven Young Miss Luo She was the daughter of a concubine who had a low status. But it has a mind of its own. Believe that women should not limit their sight only to the home. She hoped to rely on her excellent embroidery skills. lead to an independent life But then, unexpectedly, she had to marry Yong Pinghou, General Xu Ling Yi. She uses her optimistic spirit to treat everyone around her. Relying on diligence, he gained the trust of the people of the Sawi family. Received the responsibility to take care of family affairs.

Xue Ling Yi was so attracted by Luo Eleven’s goodness that his heart began to waver. The couple went through many stories and obstacles together until love gradually developed. It was marriage first but love and understanding later. Under the support of her husband Luo Eleven opened the Xian Ling Embroidery Hall. Trying to convey the art of embroidery As for Yongpinghou, Xu Lingyi Want to protect the country to live in peace and happiness. Develop the lives of the people Promote openness of the sea After passing many obstacles

Meanwhile, Sakul Sawi is facing the great threat of being executed to exterminate the family. Husband and wife join forces to fix the bad situation. Help keep the family safe. Finally, it can also push for the repeal of the maritime ban. Make maritime trade prosperous The people along the sea had a happy life. Two husband and wife love and reconcile. Trust and stability in love Let’s face the wind and rain together in life. Until it becomes an amazing life story.

  1. galaxy of love Love Like the Galaxy (Thai dubbed)

Number of episodes: 56 episodes. Click to watch.

The daughter of the Cheng family named Shaosang. His father and mother were left by his grandparents’ side because of the chaos of the war. Becoming a child raised by grandparents at home Her aunt-daughter-in-law hopes to raise her to be an incompetent person. When faced with various dangers in order to survive Cheng Shaosang had to feign ignorance. and intend to study harbor talent Waiting for the day when parents come back

But when the situation was resolved But they weren’t as close as they had hoped because they had been separated for too long. Cheng Shaosang, who lacks love came to meet Ling Buyi Adopted son of the new emperor The graduates of Bai Lu Yuanshen Si Luo Yao Clan’s Disciple All three have their own pros and cons. When choosing who to marry Cheng Shaosang was both self-deprecating and realistic. Even though the path of love is very rough But she never regretted the path she chose.

During learning about Ling Buyi’s identity Suddenly, he became involved in the mystery of Ling Buyi’s origins. Cheng Shaosang accomplished many things beyond expectations. and learned how to approach parents from Ling Buyi’s family. Including how to save love. Meanwhile, Cheng Shaosang and Ling Buyi gradually grew from these experiences, gradually reconciling with their families. Both maintain morality in the mind. Cooperate to solve the crisis in the region. It has become a beautiful story to tell.

  1. Jade Bone Vessel The Longest Promise (Thai dubbed)

Number of episodes: 40 episodes. Click to watch.

“Sue Ying,” the solemn and cool prince. The son of Emperor Kongsang, Zhu Yan, the cheerful princess of the Famous Clan. Fate had destined for the two of them to become a couple. Instead, they took turns taking turns becoming teachers’ students for three years. The Kui Xia Empire became more powerful. Meanwhile, the Kongsang Empire was about to collapse. Shi Ying mistook the mermaid Zi Yuan, who grew up with Zhu Yan, to be the Emperor of the Sea. Therefore, he sealed Zi Yuan with his own hands. In the end Zhu Yan stabbed Shi Ying with the jade bone. But fate has changed since the day someone was watching.

  1. I am the Third Princess. The Romance of Tiger and Rose (Thai dubbed)

Number of episodes: 24 episodes. Click to watch.

Chen Xiaoqian’s story single female writer who have never even been in love once She composed a play about a young queen. But it had to fall apart because Han, a young actor, was suspicious of her acting skills. She angrily vows to prove her abilities. But an unexpected incident occurred. She fell into the world of the poem she wrote. and became the Third Princess Queen of the Dong Liang Province Originally this role would last less than three episodes and then die. But in order to continue to survive She tried to turn the situation around.

  1. like a star of honor You Are My Glory (Thai dubbed)

Number of episodes: 32 episodes. Click to watch.

Ten years ago, Qiao Jingjing didn’t think that he could shine as a star. But even though she’s pretty and cute The guy she likes doesn’t know and never notices her at all.

Qiao Jingjing, a professional female superstar, works very hard. She has had a crush on her school friend for ten years and has never forgotten him. But during a period of ten years She still lives a normal life, still has a boyfriend, still hopes to be able to live without that man, Yu Tu, or Yu Dasein of the high school. He dreams of becoming an aerospace engineer. But my family wanted me to study finance. Even if you study according to your family’s guidance Instead, he chose to continue his studies and work in the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. While studying he had an affair with a woman. After a few years they broke up. The two met again online in the game King of Glory.

  1. Legend of the Tang Shan Spirit Warrior Soul Land | Douluo Continent (Thai dubbed)

Number of episodes: 40 episodes. Click to watch.

Tang San was motherless since he was a baby. Therefore, he had to depend on his father. Because Tang San was smart as hell. Discreet since childhood Tang San awakened his martial spirit at the age of six and was sent to train at Nuoding Academy. He respected Yu Gang as his teacher and entered into a brotherhood contract with the motherless girl Xiao Wu. Yu Xiaogang took them both to enter the Sila Ke School. To increase spiritual power Along with the five young geniuses, Dai Mubai, Ao Sika and the others. They form The Seven Oddities of Shi Lai Ke

When the Seven Strangers became famous They had entered the Tian Dou King Clan School. But a quarrel broke out with the school’s noble ladies. Therefore, he had to become involved in the power struggle between Crown Prince Xue Qinghe and Fourth Prince Xue Peng. At that time, Tang San gradually found out that Bi Pidong, the Patriarch of the Martial Spirit School, He is the enemy who killed his mother. As for Bi Pidong’s daughter, Qian Renxue The person impersonating Xue Qinghe wanted to kill the Emperor of the Tian Dou Empire. To stop the Tian Dou Empire’s destruction and evil actions against the three leading sects of the Martial Spirit Sect. Tang San therefore cooperated with the Tian Dou Empire and various leading sects. and declared war on the Martial Spirit Sect

In the end, he relied on his resolute mind and his own abilities to remove various obstacles, protect loved ones, develop the sect, and support the country. until becoming a godlike couple The brave and valiant sea god and the demon god.

  1. Satrihan Changge The Long Ballad (Thai dubbed)

Number of episodes: 49 episodes. Click to watch.

The 9th year of Tang Wu De’s reign saw changes in the court. Princess Li Changge, daughter of the previous heir to the throne, Li Jiancheng, survived the massacre of her entire family. To survive and come back for revenge. So she disguised herself as a man. change surname Escaping arrest from the royal court Along the way, I happened to get help from “Ah Si Na Sun”, the adopted son of the Prairie Tribe. But fate accidentally caught me. Let the two be enemies.

Chang Ge’s Stand-Up and Courage Will be able to repay the blood debt to the family. And can you save the country from the invasion of foreign forces? In the end, what will the story be like?

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