Chinese series with Thai dubbing, worth watching 2023 It can be said that during this period, the Chinese series are extremely strong. And in the second half of this year, the queue will be shown to follow each other continuously. After reaching the second quarter, there are still many Chinese series scheduled to air in 2023 for fans to watch. There will be a cool story Phra-Nang Khee, Sanook Movie has compiled a collection of Chinese series with Thai dubbing, worth watching in 2023, at the top level, magnificent scenes, and creating that you have to wait to follow in the second half of this year Let’s see what’s going on!

Chinese series 2023, a new story that should not be missed! Selected and highlighted

  • Chantra Sunset (Till The End Of The Moon)

Thai dubbed Chinese seriesChinese series Moonlight

Chinese series Till The End of The Moon starring Luo Yunxi and Bai Lu

The reunion of the actor couple Luo Yunxi and Bai Lu after working together in Love is Sweet, half way in love to the fairy godmother series, dazzling CG, stunning pictures. magnificent building Adapted from a famous novel The story of the era of the devil’s power The person above the Demon Lord is Tan Tai Jin (Luo Yunxi) before the Demon Lord’s power devoured everything Li Su Su (Bai Lu) chief goddess Therefore travels back in time to marry Tan Tai Jin to stop him before he becomes an evil Demon Lord. Become a love destiny that gradually builds up

Number of episodes : 40 episodes
Dub voice: Thai dubbed
Broadcasting channel : YOUKU, True ID, Netflix

  • Secret love for you to know (Hidden Love)

Chinese Drama Secretly in love for you to know (Hidden Love)Chinese series Secretly in love for you to know (Hidden Love)

Chinese series Secretly in love for you to know (Hidden Love) starring Chen Zeyuan and Zhao Lushi

A series that many people are eagerly waiting for. would like to see each other fully for Secret love for you to know (Hidden Love) Romantic series, comedies, pairings of Chen Zeyuan and Zhao Lushi that created a chemistry since the first picture was released Based on the popular teen novel of the same title. pleasing the secretly in love tells the story of a young girl Shang Zhi (Zhao Lusi) who falls in love with her brother’s best friend who often comes to play games at her house From high school to university She met him again. intimacy gradually penetrates into the heart Until it becomes a love that softens the heart Ready to make people look shy until their body twists soon. Prepare to be satisfied.

Number of episodes : 30 episodes
Broadcasting channel : YOUKU

  • Hunting Dragon’s Heart (Back from the Brink)

Hunting Dragon's Heart (Back from the Brink)

Chinese series Back from the Brink starring Hou Ming Hao and Zhou Ye.

A period fantasy series, highlighted with divine power CG. Adapted from a novel by a famous writer. Jiulou Feixiang tell the story of Tian Yao (Wou Ming Hao) He was a black dragon betrayed by his lover by breaking dragon bones, severing sinews, and sealing the four directions. Tian Yao was badly injured, but thanks to luck, his spirit survived. Tian Yao waited for the day to regain the missing dragon bone. As the days passed, he met Yan Hui (Zhou Ye) The girl was Tian Yao’s hope because she possessed a dragon within her and was able to break the seal and retrieve Tian Yao’s dragon fragment that had been stolen. After the two had to go on adventures together, their relationship began to develop a deep bond without realizing it. Go on an adventure and find answers to stories with them

Number of episodes : 40 episodes
Broadcasting channel : YOUKU / MONOMAX

  • Undefeated Earth (The Legend of ShenLi)

Undefeated Earth (The Legend of ShenLi)

Chinese series The Legend of ShenLi starring Zhao Liying and Lin Gengxin.

Chinese period fantasy series Giant form of the year from Tencent Video is based on the famous novel of the same name. This event has a monk-woman at the level of parents like Zhao Liying and Lin Gengxin come back to work together again in 5 years, telling the story of Xingzhi (Ling Gengxin)) Great Black Dragon An ancient god who lived alone in the heavens for tens of thousands of years. Use charisma to support all worlds, maintain balance between gods, ghosts, demons and humans. Spend your free time exploring the human realm in the form of a slanted-legged man. Shen Li (Zhao Liying)) The Queen of the Demon Realm, who lives brightly, shines brightly. escaped marriage Being beaten until wounded, falling to the human world in the form of a celestial bird that looks like a chicken They are plucked and placed in cages ready to be sold. until being bought by a crippled human Unexpected events like destiny Link them together. Fans look forward to following the fun soon.

Number of episodes : 40 episodes
Broadcasting channel : TV

  • Jade Bone Stream (The Longest Promise)

The Longest Promise

Chinese series: The Longest Promise starring Xiao Zhan and Ren Min

Chinese series in the form of a giant god The performance of the famous actor Xiao Zhan that many people have been waiting for. Tell the story of media (Xiao Zhan) The stern and cold prince The son of the Emperor of Gongshang meets Zhu Yan (Renmin) The cheerful princess of the tribe named Fate destined them both to have a couple. but instead took turns to be a teacher’s disciple for three years The Guixia Kingdom became more powerful. while the Kong Shang Kingdom was on the verge of collapse. Shi Ying mistakenly assumed that the merman Zi Yuan, who had grown up with Zhu Yan, was the Emperor of the Sea. thus sealing Zi Yuan with his own hands. in the end Zhu Yan pierced Shi Ying with the jade bone. But destiny has changed since the day someone was watching… A series that many people have been waiting for for a long time, please wait a little longer, not too long to wait for sure.

Number of episodes : 43 episodes
Broadcasting channel : TV

  • An Lejuan (The Legend of Anle)

An Lejuan (The Legend of Anle)

Chinese series Anlejuan (The Legend of Anle) starring Di Lire Ba and Gong Jun

Another series that fans Waiting for each other to the max period romantic drama series Adapted from the online novel Di Huang Shu, the meeting of the top star heroine Ti Li Reba and the hot male protagonist Gong Jun tells the story of love and resentment between a young woman who is the heir of a family that co-founded the country. And the gentle heir when Di Zhiyuan, the only heir after being killed by the clan Causing her to change her name to Ren An Le (Dili Reba) Entering the royal palace to seek revenge and restore justice to the family, met with Crown Prince Han Ye (Gong Jun), who was a person of the royal family. ordered the execution of her family The painful past couldn’t make her let go of the feud between the two families. Anyone who likes bitter but doesn’t spit Ready to drink red water with the character Don’t miss this But we have to see each other again when will we see it? Just seeing the chemistry of the top monk-woman like Di Lireba and Gong Jun, as well as Liu Yuning, didn’t want to miss it… just had to wait.

Number of episodes : 39 episodes
Broadcasting channel : YOUKU

  • South Wind Knows My Mood

South Wind Knows My Mood

Chinese series South Wind Knows My Mood starring Cheng Yi and Zhang Yuxi

romantic drama series The meeting again of the two lead actors, Cheng Yi and Zhang Yuxi, this time the audience will change the way they see them in the current series. The story of Fu Yunsen (Cheng Yi) A young researcher in handsome Ban Ruay Saen Sun and Zhu Jiu (Zhang Yuxi) female surgeon doctor who have to go to the remote areas to help humans in alleviating and treating diseases At first, I didn’t like how much I disliked each other. Well, let’s hit each other. But those moments gradually made them develop feelings for each other, but then Fu Yunsen had an accident, lost contact with Zhu Jiu to misunderstand The two met again a year later as a resident doctor and learned the truth that Fu Yunsen having to face bad events alone So she used her heart to rehabilitate him through the bad days. Of course, the chemistry of the actors is the best. plus a heart-warming series like this You really shouldn’t miss it. You can wait to follow soon.

Number of episodes : 40 episodes
Broadcasting channel : YOUKU

  • Tiger Crane : Hu He Yao Shi Lu

Tiger Crane

Chinese Series Tiger Crane : Hu He Yao Shi Lu starring Jiang Long, Zhang Linghe and Wang Yuwen

fantasy adventure series Adapted from the Manhua manga Tiger X Crane Demon Master Record, the story of Hu Zhi (Jianglong), a cheerful orphan who accidentally swallows the red treasured pearl of the sun, meets Qi Xiaoxuan. (Zhang Linghe) Demon Lord of the Strict Empire serious and cold Because of the red pearl, men with completely different personalities had to go on adventures together. Including also meeting with Zhao Xin Tong (Wang Yuwen) and joining the adventure together Let’s follow the journey of teenagers chasing dreams, love, responsibility. and friendship through a chaotic world to save the world

Number of episodes : 36 episodes
Broadcasting channel : iQIYI

  • Blossoms Shanghai

Blossoms Shanghai

Chinese series Blossoms Shanghai starring Hu Ge

Wong Kar Wai Very famous director Ready to catch the series for the first time in Blossoms Shanghai A series that is ready to act swiftly that the audience is most looking forward to get quality performers Hu Ge Take the leading role that will continue the events from the movies In The Mood for Love (2000) and 2046 (2004) that will take audiences to the 90s in the middle of Shanghai. tell the story of Ah Bao (Hu Ge) A young man struggles to make his fortune in Shanghai in the 90s to achieve success in life. Anyone who is a fan of the work of director Wong Kar Wai, who directed the series for the first time, also has Hu Ge starring, there really is no reason to miss this story. You can wait to follow.

Number of episodes : 30 episodes
Broadcasting channel : TV

  • Seven Lives One World Desires (Love You Seven Times)

Seven Nations, One World Desire

Chinese series Seven Lives One World Desire (Love You Seven Times) starring Ding Yuxi and Yang Chaoyue

Period Fantasy Series Adapted from the famous novel of the same title. The meeting of the hottest young actors, Ding Yuxi and Yang Chaoyue, splashed with cute chemistry. Telling the love story of the 7 lives of the gods in the heavens between Yun sound goddess (Yang Chaoyue) Little Fairy, Auspicious Cloud who opened war with God Shukong (Ding Yuxi) made a mess of the red thread causing chaos in the three worlds Destroy the human ancestors Until being ordered to punish both of them to be born in the human world Must go through life and love together up to seven lives before Only then will they be able to return to the Kingdom of Heaven. became a very exciting story to follow Preparing to broadcast soon

Number of episodes : 36 episodes
Broadcast via : iQIYI

  • Story Of Kunning Palace

Love tricks Wang Kuning

Chinese series Story Of Kunning Palace starring Bai Lu and Zhang Linghe

It’s called Bai Lu fans. This year, there are her works to follow each other for a long time. Another thing that is amazing. opposite the hot protagonist Zhang Linghe, a series of period dramas, fantasy palaces, stories of Jiang Xuening (Bai Lu) A woman who desires supremacy Willing to do whatever it takes to gain power to protect himself without any means until becoming a queen, but when Xia Wei (Zhang Ling He) Have rebelled and killed the entire city. She, too, had a different ending. And when she wakes up again intends to take a second chance Change your fate by not entering the palace But some events take a turn, causing her to become involved with the man she hates the most. This is very serious. Chemistry Phra-Nang Roet Dramatic smell, intense, very interesting to follow. Get ready to follow your love together soon.

Number of episodes : 38 episodes
Broadcast via : iQIYI

  • Lam Nam Rak Thep Sawan 2 parts: Lost You Forever

River of Love Thep Sawan 2

Chinese series River of love and heaven 2 starring Yang Zi and Zhang Wanyi

Fantasy romantic series, divine style. Adapted from Tong Hua’s novel of the same name. or in a Thai translated novel titled Lam Naam Lok Thep Sawan, Part 2, Part 2: Respect for Eternal Heart tells the story of ancient times where gods, goddesses, demons and mythical creatures living with humans When the territorial war caused Princess Gaoxin Xiaoyao (Yang Zi) had to lose both his position and had to disguise himself as a man roaming in distant lands Facing life, parting, and starting again and again. Invite viewers to support the heroine who has to overcome various obstacles. It is another giant series that is very worth watching.

Number of episodes : 40 episodes
Broadcast on: TV

  • Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Yue Hong

Fox Spirit Matchmaker

Chinese Series Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Yue Hong starring Yang Mi and Gong Jun

Another series that should be watched. The meeting of the female protagonist, Yang Mi, and the hot male protagonist, Gong Jun, who just saw the actor’s chemistry is worth watching. A new born romantic fantasy series. Adapted from the anime of the same name. Tells the love story between a fox girl and a human priest. Tushan Honghong (Yangmi) Beautiful fox girl playing with people’s fortunes brought to meet Dongfang Yueshu (Gong Jun) Beautiful Taoist monk The two fell in love. But because of the race, it can’t be side by side. They must be separated and meet again as enemies and fight to the death to protect their kind. In the end, he prayed for him to be born again. It’s another thing that’s most interesting to follow.

Number of episodes : 38 episodes
Broadcast via : iQIYI

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