10 Chinese series If you look at the first story The second story can’t be missed!

I’m thinking of opening and watching the first story. Is there time yet to get to the second story!? Because 10 Chinese series Lao Luo China’s stuff will make us so addicted that we can’t stop! #If you want to follow it, you have to go to the end.

A Love So Beautiful Since then… I love you (2016) & Put your head on my shoulder Warm Ai in Your Heart (2019)

Sudsapda would like to open with a Chinese series. I have to praise the production team for making the girls fall in love with the two Chinese heroes. Hu Yitian andLin Yi It’s the type that can’t be withdrawn anymore. Plus he has very good eyes. Catching a new Chinese star to take on the lead role for the first time and it was a hit without stopping. With the most exciting stories from Chinese series A Love So Beautiful and Put your head on my shoulder, warm your heart. with a big change in script After the first story, the heroine who played the roleShen Yue He was the one who fell in love with the hero first, but in the story Put your head on my shoulder It will be the hero who is played byLin Yiwho fell in love with the heroineXing Fei Before, and as a genius student, he had never experienced love before. It was Lin Yi’s shyness that made the girls My heart is very thin. It’s said to be a Chinese series that delivers lots of fun. Two stories in a row If anyone missed it, hurry up and collect it. I’ll talk to other people and don’t know what to do ^^

Chinese series - A Love So Beautiful, since then...  I love youChinese series - Put your head on my shoulder, warm your heart

Love Through a Millennium (2015) & Shuttle Love Millennium (2016)

Love Through a Millennium Love Through a Millennium One of the masterpiece Chinese series.Jing Boran andZheng Shuang which is a new remake of the Korean version Queen Inhyun’s Man Queen Inhyun’s Man (2012) The overall plot of the Chinese and South Korean versions is very similar. The hero is the one who transcends dimensions until he meets the heroine in the present world. The heroine is the one who falls in love with the hero first. and help each other until they finally love each other But what is more than Korea is China has created another Chinese series based on this story. Shuttle Love Millennium starringWei Daxun andJanice Man By changing from traveling across dimensions to two people born on the same day They look the same and switch dimensions with each other. It raises many questions: How does the switching happen? So what exactly happened and what was it for? If you want to know, you have to find the answer from the series.

Chinese series -Love Through a Millennium, love through dimensions

Chinese series -Shuttle Love Millennium

My Amazing Boyfriend My Amazing Boyfriend (2016) & My Amazing Boyfriend 2 (2019)

My Amazing Boyfriend Another Chinese series that is very popular in Thailand. The story of a handsome alien who finds love with a girl on Earth who brings cuteness, happiness, insanity, and pillow hugs throughout the story. In the first story, the female protagonist is played byKim Tae Hwan andWu Qian As for the second story, the hero Mike Pirat An international Thai star plays the role of the hero in a Chinese series again alongside the heroine. Yu Shuxin This can be considered one of the few Chinese series that has hired a foreign male actor to play the lead role. (Kim Tae Hwan from South Korea, Mike Pirat from Thailand)

Chinese Series -My Amazing BoyfriendMy Amazing Boyfriend 2

My Little Princess (2016) & Dear Prince (2017)

Followed closely by another Chinese series by Mike. Pirat and the story My Little Princess The first Chinese series that Mike Pirat plays the lead role. Paired with a hot Chinese heroine Zhang Yuxi With the role of a goofy young lady and a very talented hero with top-notch looks and brains. After being enemies, they turned into people who secretly liked each other. Until they got to know each other’s feelings, it made the audience excited. It is another pure romantic Chinese series. that many people like

And another thing is Dear Prince, I love you, the cranky prince. The heroine is played by the same Zhang Yuxi. The addition is a Taiwanese hero named Xie Jiajian The story is more chaotic than the first story in that the hero is a mischievous superstar who has an accident that causes his soul to leave his body and meets the heroine. and help each other overcome various complications together

My Little Princess tutoring the heart of a princess

Dear Prince, I love you, the cranky prince.

The Interpreters (2016) & Negotiator (2018)

Superstar level Yang Mi No matter how many Chinese series there are, Mom will probably take them all. The story that many people should remember well is The interpreters and Negotiator A Chinese series about a professional French interpreter and a confident female negotiator, in which Yang Mi pairs up with two very popular Chinese actors. Huang Xuan andHuang Zitao that has both concentration in career paths The love of a hero and heroine couple that doesn’t end up easily. The script is endlessly satisfying. The script, however dramatic, hurts the feelings of the viewers who are sad-d-d-d. Especially the story The interpreters which has issues with the different statuses of the Queen and the Queen In addition, the heroine also came down with a serious illness. Before falling in love with each other, we really went through a lot. Anyone who likes romantic dramas shouldn’t miss this!

The interpreters


Because of You (2017) & Nice To Meet You (2019)

Chinese romantic drama series that have received overwhelming ratings and praise in China. Because of You and Nice To Meet You The story of family, love, and the career path of a family of embroiderers in the first story. and the jewelry designer in the second story, starringDeng Lun Sun Yi and the second story, the princess is played byZhang Mingen andJanice Man If we talk about concentration, we must give it to the first story. Because of You Guaranteed to hold the number 1 rating throughout the broadcast. As for the second matter Nice To Meet You Not least the awesome scenes. And the scene where the heroine Janice gets revenge on her stepmother and half-sister was among the top hashtags. Also in Weibo

Because of You

Nice To Meet You

Eternal Love, Three Lives, Three Worlds, Sib Li Peach Forest (2017) & Eternal Love of Dream, Three Lives, Three Worlds, Likhit Nuea Khoi (2020)

Another page in the history of the Chinese series industry that must be written can’t be without the name of a Chinese series about the gods like Eternal Love, Three Lives, Three Worlds, Ten Li Peach Forest! This is the first part of the Chinese series Three Nations and Three Worlds that has achieved huge success with over 50 billion views!!! This is considered to be the first Chinese series to have continuously skyrocketed online views. Even though the series ended on air almost a year ago. Leading the team to greatness byZhao Youting (Zhao Youting/Mark Chao) – Yang Mi who played the roleYe Hua–Bai Qian The hero and heroine of the story have a chemistry that makes the audience so lost in this peach forest that for years they haven’t been able to find a way out. There’s only so much to watch again and again! Besides the main couple There are also secondary pairs likeGreat God Donghua–Beifeng Jiu That’s what I got.Gao Weiguang – Dilireba Come together to continue the chemistry in the sequel, Eternal Love of Dream, Three Lives, Three Worlds, Destiny over the Knee as well.

Eternal Love, Three Lives, Three Worlds, Ten Li Peach Forest

Eternal Love of Dream, three lives, three worlds, destiny beyond imagination

Go Go Squid! Mr. Cool and Lady Squid (2019) & Go Go Squid 2 : Dt.Appledog’sTime Mr. Cold and Miss Squid 2 (2021)

Chinese e-sports/romance series, Go Go Squid, Mr. Cold and Miss Squid. that aired in 2019 with the hero and heroine played byLi Xian Yang Zi Along with a monk likeHu Yitian which has been strengthening its popularity since the first part as well, with Go Go Squid Mr. Yen and Miss Squid able to set a record for popularity by occupying the throne of the Chinese series with the second highest views of 2019, with the number of views Online has reached 8,130 million views, second only to The Story of Minglan Chinese series starring the Chinese superstar heroineZhao Liying only

As for the version of the Hu Yi Tian couple-Li Yitong who plays the role ofWu BaiandAi Qing In the episode Go Go Squid 2 : Dt.Appledog’sTime Mr. Yen and Miss Squid 2 also forward a very romantic love story. Especially the hero Wu Bai who fell in love with the heroine from the first time they met. and try to develop yourself Prove your skills to make yourself worthy of the girl of your dreams that he has secretly loved for many years!!! Even after many years passed, Wu Bai and Ai Qing met again. The two gradually became close and developed a relationship until they eventually fell in love. But this love path is not strewn with rose petals. Because Wu Bai and Ai Qing were both team leaders of rival teams. causing special attention on relationships What will they do to make this love evident? Must go and see.

Chinese series - Go Go Squid!  Mr. Cool and Miss Squid

Go Go Squid 2 : Dt.Appledog'sTime  Mr. Cool and Miss Squid 2

My Neighbor Can’t Sleep (2019) & My Fated Boy (2021)

Continuing with the Chinese series that are the love stories of young people next door, the first is My Neighbor Can’t Sleep, secretly loving the person next door, telling the story ofXi Song (played byWang Zixin) A young, talented pianist who, due to various stresses and pressures, caused him to have severe insomnia. Until one day Si Song metSong Mi Tua (played byChen Yixin) A bright young woman looks optimistic that the two started their relationship as rivals. But who would have guessed that When Xi Song was close to Song Mi, he was incredibly put to sleep. Because of this work, Song Mi Tua was forced to become Xi Song’s personal sleeping pill. As time passed, their feelings gradually developed. Until it becomes love…

As for the episode My Fated Boy, Ping loves the brother next door. It is the story of a younger man who secretly loves an older woman next door.He Yu withLi Xirui Playing the role ofLu Zheng’an–Grilled Lin Siblings next door who have played and grown up together since childhood. Lin Yang was seven years older than Lu Zheng An and looked at Zheng An as her younger brother. But on the contrary, Lu Zheng An had never considered Lin Yang an older sister. Because he secretly loved Lin Yang all along. And when he grows up, he hopes to win this girl’s heart. What trump card will Lin Yang use to make the girl of his dreams? Look at him as a man. Not as a younger brother. This work is the best. Let me tell you, just seeing the teaser made me really happy!

My Neighbor Can't Sleep. Secretly in love with the person next to me.

My Fated Boy has a crush on the brother next door.

One and Only, every birth, beautiful bones, past part (2021) & Forever And Ever, every birth, beautiful bone, present part (2021)

Ending with One And Only, Every Lives, Beautiful Bones, part of the past, which tells the heart-aching true love story of the Prince.Zhou Shengchenplayed by Ren Jialun who metChui Sui Yi The future wife of the Crown Prince, played by Bai Lu. who were sent to study at Prince Prince’s art school When the two get to know each other and spend more time together, love eventually develops. But then events turned out not as he had dreamed. Because Chui Suyi was forced to marry the Crown Prince who had secretly been in love with Chui Suyi all along. In addition to Duke Zhou Shengchen and Cui Suyi’s love path, it was not strewn with rose petals. Zhou Shengchen also risked his life by leading his army into battle to protect and preserve the peace of the nation…

As for the current part of Forever And Ever, every life, beautiful bones, the script is adapted from a famous Chinese novel by a writer with a pen name.Mo Bao Fei Bao Tell the story ofZhou ShengchenHe is a professor of chemistry.Su Yiis a famous voice actor in the industry where the two have orbited. and work together to preserve local arts and crafts that have been passed down from generation to generation. overcome various obstacles and love each other in the end Let me tell you, whether it’s in the past or the present, this pair’s chemistry is very good.

One and Only, every life, beautiful bones, past part

Forever And Ever, every life, beautiful bones, current part

A collection of 10 popular Chinese series, each with a different style and flavor. Whoever likes any style, don’t forget to follow and collect. But don’t forget that If you’re thinking of starting the first story. Don’t forget to set aside time to watch the second story as well. Because the fun is really passed on to another story! ^^

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Story by: Lizhu

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