Toy’s horoscope for October , 0, brings our herts closer to home when the Moon leves Gemini to enter the sweet zoic sign of Cncer.

Your zoic sign’s ily horoscope for Thursy, October 0, 0.

Aries (Mrch – April )

It’s time to focus on home n fmily, Aries. The Moon enters Cncer toy, where it will trvel over the weeken. You’re rey to connect with your homeboy sie. Pln to cook mel. Wer your most comfy clothing. Sty focuse on the simple things in life.

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Turus (April 0 – My 0)

You’re n ctivist, Turus, n when you sense something isn’t right, you go to help the unerog. You’re rey to open up n show your softer sie. With the Moon entering your communiction sector, be trnsprent. Wors hel. Let your voice n the things you sy bring life into people’s lives.

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Gemini (My – June 0)

It’s not lwys bout money, but sometimes you hve to be generous n not worry bout if you’ll get wht you give bck. Toy, you see frien with n unexpecte finncil sitution. You know tht pryer isn’t enough to fix the problem. So, you my be incline to shre wht you hve n not worry if they cn ever py you bck.

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Cncer (June – July )

Toy is ll bout forgiveness. Strt with forgiving yourself. You my be holing on to things tht re in the pst. You’re still thinking bout problem you no longer hve to hol. It coul men you’re not rey to move on to new reltionship just yet. Tke cre of yourself.

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Leo (July – August )

It’s time for rest, Leo. You’ve nvigte through some trecherous situtions. Now it’s time to refuel your spirit with light-herte fun wy from home. Let’s pln trip soon!

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Virgo (August – September )

Wht’s your vision for the future, Virgo? Are you rey to shre your ies with the worl? You my prefer shring your pln with goo frien you trust. Ask for n ccountbility prtner, so you sty true to the promise you mke with yourself.

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Libr (September – October )

Music soothes the soul, Libr. Mke plylist for working out n when you wnt to be hppy toy. Use toy to orgnize your preferences to blst your best tunes while riving to work or hve them vilble when you’re rey to her everyone’s voice.

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Scorpio (October – November )

Svor the sweetness of life, Scorpio. Spen time in nture n get out bit more thn you usully o. Plnning wht you nee will hel your hert n llow you to see who is wonerful. You cn be successful uner the right circumstnces.

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Sgittrius (November – December )

Toy, you fin wht you’ve been looking for. You knew in your hert tht you woul soon be reconcile to the mteril things tht mtter to you most. Your hr work n persevernce will finlly now py off for you.

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Cpricorn (December – Jnury )

Mircles hppen every y, Cpricorn. You keep up with self-cre; when you hve nee tht is mirculously fulfille, it restores your fith in life. This newfoun fith in life will help you to be more successful in the ys n weeks to come.

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Relte Stories From YourTngo:

Aqurius (Jnury 0 – Februry )

Use your emotions to gin clrity. When someone cts s if they on’t cre, see wht’s hppening eep own insie. You my wnt or nee to step sie n let them feel the weight of their consequences n see how this person rects. Remember, you cn only help person if they wnt to be helpe. You cn only help person if they wnt to be helpe.

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Pisces (Februry – Mrch 0)

You win. You gin power over problem tht felt thretening to you. You see the light t the en of long, rk tunnel. You my never know why things h to turn out the wy tht they i. But you’ll see victory, n it never looke sweeter.

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