“Previously, Thai people watched fewer movies. One thing is funding. A good, skilled director can make good movies. But the capitalist said that if you do it you must make a profit as well. If it makes little profit…I don’t want to support it.”

Chalatip Thirasuntharakul, senior news reporter TODAY and movie columnists reflecting perspective”foreign soft power” pass Is “Soft Power Thai Screen” ready to go international?!! in “The program helped think of news directions.” that some countries have been doing this for 30-40 years, they have the patience to do it and make it a national agenda. Let the subject of culture be a subject that can be sold. And it is the most successful model in the world. Therefore, making soft power successful It is a matter of having significance and being in Thailand. that we will use our potential to expand good things How can it become a creative industry? Because it’s like running a marathon. that must see long-term results

Thai movies Saipan are not long because they are not systematically promoted.

If we look back at Thai movies in the past. It used to be a flash in the past. It may be continued for 2-3 years and then it will be quiet. because it was not supported Here we must talk about the problem of the Thai film industry, which is called the “ecosystem” or a bad ecosystem, from funding, marketing, to content quality. Including not watching anything that is diverse enough Therefore, there is no promotion of the entire industrial system.

But when something comes up The government sector will jump in and expand on things one after another. When I started to say that I would do soft power in many areas. One of them isThe movie, therefore, seems good because there is hope that it will support the entire system. This gives hope to Thai films, such as those that are seen to sell clearly, such as YA films, Thai LGBTQ films that have won awards abroad. But it’s an outsider movie. It shows that the film festival He sees the rewards. But Thai people saw little of it and were talked about little.

Happy that the Thai movie “The Undertaker” has earned hundreds of millions in revenue. Make people’s hearts swell.

Chalatip said In the case of the movie “The Undertaker” that earned hundreds of millions of baht in revenue. make you feel happy Because before, if we go back You will only see news about Thai movies having a low number of viewers. It was quite stagnant until 1 month ago it got better and there was a trend of movies. “The Undertaker’s Story” made 600 million baht, and it is believed that the creators and people in the movie industry would feel better and happier.

In factThis movie comes from outside trends. It is a forest that surrounds the city from the provinces continuously coming into the movie theaters on the outskirts of the city. with laborers and then came into Bangkok From what I heard from the production team, they said that on the first day they received 9,000 baht, but after that, the movie theater had 700 seats, allowing 80 to 90% of people to sit and watch. When the trend came, Thai people were already watching. It’s a good, quality movie and people are open to watching it. When the movie The “undertaker” who has paved the way After this, it must be given importance. with other matters that follow

Must support both funds – personnel – open legal channels to make “Thai film a hub”

“Previously, Thai people watched fewer movies. One thing is funding. A good, skilled director can make good movies. But the capitalist said that if you do it you must make a profit as well. If it makes little profit, I don’t want to support it. In turn, we promote the general picture. Filming can be made into culture, for example, stories from the Northeastern region can be turned into international culture. We should support more like this or movies. LGBTQ and the past Y series did not receive much support. But it can go on and become popular in the market.”

Many people may not know that last year Thailand produced a Y-series movie. Number one in the world And has the number one income in the world for producing this type of movie. Meanwhile, South Korean society is still addicted to this matter. Therefore, making a movie like this comes out. Actually, it’s not as smooth as in our country. Meanwhile, at home we are trying to push forward. Marriage is equal too. These will create a “hub”. To make us a “hub” we must have support. Both about capital and laws in the country as well.

Otherwise it will be like a scam. At the same time, there will be a cute Y-series. which appeals to Chinese, Japanese, and Korean fans, but at the same time there are quality LGBTQ films that have gone on to win world-class awards. Which shows that Thailand can make movies like this. Both trends and awards If the government gets it right, such as canceling the censorship system. It may be possible to tell the story of the content in a deeper way.

Recommend “Reduce” censorship restrictions – open up filmmaking laws It can help remove the insult “the role is weak”.

Chalatip said If they let the movie be made without censorship It will become an increasingly international issue. LGBTQ movies or Thai series Americans also like to look at not just Asian markets. Therefore, if the issue of censorship is fixed, there is an amendment to the Film Act that is more open. Things that are said to be “the script is weak” can be corrected to a point. In addition to developing the story and script The tool that will help here is amending the rules to help facilitate. Allow Thai films to expand to foreign markets.

From what the creator of “The Undertaker” said, he still doesn’t know how to expand it for foreigners to see. But when the movie became famous, people started suggesting that it be shown at festivals. Because in the past Thai movies have tried to find their own way.

“If we say that soft power is cultural capital, the export product must also be accepted in the country to some degree. People’s viewing culture indicates that This must also be sent out. In order to make money, it must be a product that people in the country are okay with. If we continue to make this kind of trend happen in the country. And then made other movies. It was enough to see what direction it was going. But the soft power of a Thai movie is not easy.”

Believe in setting up a strategic committee on soft power hope Quick Win Sustainable

As for the government setting up a strategic committee on soft power Coming up to take care of soft power in Thailand Chalatip viewed that I understand that the government must have Quick Win in a sustainable way. Saw the name of the committee and it wasn’t bad. He seems like a person who understands this. The main Quick Win is how to continue the movie The Undertaker. which was very successful and went on to expand the market Outside ASEAN countries or foreign markets Make it concrete and tangible. How can you do it at a film festival?

In addition to the capital that the government must support, which is important. Support must be given to film education. By creating personnel who are interested in this field and have skills, creating an atmosphere which allows the new generation to come out and make movies Maybe make a film festival or festival in Thailand a “hub” and must not refuse to make films outside of the mainstream.

Open your eyes to making movies Don’t rely on one value or another, encourage the use of filming locations.

Chalatip said The government must not focus on only certain matters. which is purely patriotic or speak of values ​​that only correspond to the Thai state But you must support movies that are new to society’s ideas. Because it is an issue that the world talks about, such as inequality. which the Soft Power Committee must come and look at

In addition, the state must facilitate In entering to film or use the area While the censorship committee We have to reduce the intensity in many matters. Because it will make Thai filmmakers dare to do better. and promote a diverse viewing culture for Thai people as well Sometimes there are good Thai movies but we don’t have a chance to watch them all.

which the softpower committee It can become a “hub” for the entire system, namely the people working behind the scenes, the movies that expand into foreign markets, providing adequate funding, creating events that are popular and will be sustainable. Quick Win is the support. How do “undertakers” bring Isaan culture to the international level? In international markets closer to ASEAN and Asia

Comparing American and Thai movie formats

Chalatip said In the case of our country, if compared to foreign movies such as America, where Hollywood or America uses the Hollywood movie society. It has been an indirect driver of soft power for a very long time. Since the era of World War I and II including during the Cold War Film has been used as a kind of political weapon. In order to take the concept of political ideology enter through movies Value democracy, liberalism, and honor the concept of human rights because it’s a real American movie until today. Popular movie sequels these days, such as superheroes or Top Gun. It shows the greatness of the American army.

Or movies like Rambo that show masculinity. This is the original idea orMany American movies If it’s a movie about politics or society would like to insert the concept of liberalism In the era of having to fight communism in the Cold War When you go and look, you will see that there is an anti-Cold War idea. It makes people feel that they have a bad view of the matter. with countries that have the concept of communist government

Chalatip said As we continue to cultivate it, it spreads out. It makes people feel American values. Not just a political approach But when talking about democracy, it is also connected to the concept of capitalist economy. Where American film is an original idea As we have heard that “American Dream” which talks about how a person comes from having nothing much. But I intend to spend my life working and making money. Being an employee in the system will be able to grow up. Be a successful person or the idea of ​​glorifying the free capitalist economy in the stock market There are famous movies. That talks about stories on Wall Street, talks about stories. That makes people interested in looking at making a living in a way where money is king.

There’s so much variety that Americans have been doing this over and over. From politics to economics Society makes people feel Immersed myself in his culture without realizing it. This is one definition of soft power. which is very detailed

Korea uses soft power to drive national sales points

Chalatip said It makes us believe in the product brand. or even the personality of the people of that country that was presented in the movie These are all considered soft powers. Being branded with different personalities Or in the case where we watch Korean series And we want to travel to their country. We see various “K-pop cultures” through tourism, food, electronic devices, smartphones. It is seen as soft power that flows into the content industry. entertainment industry

What is used to make it look like a make-up movie, clearly seen is that South Korea brought K-Pop and brought series to the system. When it was made, we naturally absorbed it. Thai people like to eat Korean food. Want to travel to Korea more We begin to see examples of our way of life that we have absorbed without realizing it.

Thai people export themselves to foreign countries. Because the atmosphere for making movies in Thailand doesn’t meet the needs.

Chalatip said There are many talented people working behind the scenes in Thailand. and went abroad to work in animation in foreign films Because Thailand does not have an atmosphere of film culture that are diverse or enable him to work in the country Therefore, I had to take myself out to work abroad. But post-production work in our country It is outstanding at working on a global scale, such as the large studio of Kantana Company. Accepting work in the areas of sound, subtitles, and color grading, including many foreign movies and foreign series. came to use personnel and equipment services in Thailand Both digital content work and personnel as well as production

Thailand’s location is ranked in the world that foreigners came to use charcoal to make movies

Chalatip said Filming locations in Thailand It is also considered a soft power. Because it is popular with Americans, Chinese, especially Indians who come to film. Until making Thailand number one in terms of location services. which is considered a kind of soft power When Thai movie scenes are in which movie? He didn’t go and assume it was a certain place. But many stories say that this is Thailand. It is considered a function of soft power in the movie entertainment industry, from work, behind-the-scenes people, to location work.

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