The pst two yers hve been profounly trnsformtionl for you, Scorpio, n 0 continues tht tren. Your ruler Pluto is mking its finl two visits to Cpricorn, where it’s been loge since 00, n moving into Aqurius, where it will settle for the next 0 yers strting in November. 

Keep the prty going! You’re still in the socil swing long fter the holiys hve officilly ene, thnks to the Sun shining its energizing rys in Cpricorn n your gregrious thir house until Jnury 0. An you on’t hve to venture fr to fin the fun, since the thir house rules your locl environs. Enjoy trivi nights t the corner pub with your crew, meet up to see movies, get mnicures together or linger over brunches, coffee tes n inners. On Jnury , the first new moon of the yer (in Cpricorn) rocks this coopertive zone, rwing kinre spirits n perhps setting collbortion in motion.

Brce yourself for truly epic y, Scorpio. On Jnury 0, the Sun bems into Aqurius for monthlong sty, spotlighting your fourth house of home n fmily. Mke time to next in the next four weeks. Now here’s the heline news: Your ruler, powerhouse Pluto, is returning to Aqurius for the first time since Mrch , 0–June , 0 n will cmp out there until September this yer before popping bck into Cpricorn for one lst hurrh. On November , 0, the plnet of eep trnsformtion will embrk on worl-chnging tour of Aqurius tht won’t wrp up until 0 (yep, you re tht right!)

An there’s even more rm he. The full moon in showy Leo on Jnury rocks your mbitious tenth house, which coul spell pek professionl moment. Don’t sleep on it. Milk it! Prtnerships of ll stripes pick up spee fter Jnury , when chngemker Urnus bolts forwr from five-month retrogre in Turus. A Urnus connection to sizzling Mrs (your co-ruler) on Jnury coul bring n mzing converstion or n epic meeting of the mins.

It’s Cpricorn seson until Jnury 0

Drop the mysterious front, Scorpio, n let your true personlity shine through. Until Jnury 0, the Cpricorn Sun in your communiction center gives you the gift of gb. As every perceptive Scorpio knows, ctive listening is n essentil skill if you wnt to forge powerful reltionship. While you’re swpping stories, pitching projects n getting to know people, be sure to sk open-ene questions tht will get someone tlking. 

Boy lnguge lwys speks volumes, even uring this chtty cycle. Py ttention to wht’s NOT being si—incluing the puses n shifts in posture. You’ll lern lot from picking up on such nunces now. 

Your co-ruler Mrs is lso cruising through Cpricorn (from Jnury to Februry ), embolening you to stn up for yourself n sell others on your ies. When you’re this fire up, you coul get into pointless rguments. Seek chnge of scenery to stisfy your restless min. 

Your other ruling plnet, Pluto, is wrpping up its sty in Cpricorn, mking this the lst month in your life when it will rie shotgun with the Sun in your thir house. These two plnets mke n exct meetup on Jnury 0 before both chrge into Aqurius. Your impctful messge nees to mke its wy into the worl, so on’t miss chnce to shre it this Jnury.

Mercury retrogre ens on Jnury

Rey, set: exhle n loosen tht belt! Since December , messenger Mercury hs been off-course in Cpricorn n Sgittrius, isrupting your communiction n money sectors. Since December especilly, Mercury my hve put you on bit of n usterity pln. 

Tonight t 0:0PM EST, Mercury resumes forwr motion, esing the fiscl tension n helping you see pth forwr for your hbits, finncil plnning n revenue strems. Hopefully uring this time you’ve lerne some vitl lessons bout the wy you spen n sve. No, with 0 n the prospect of clen slte looming, you cn rework your buget so you cn ctully sock funs wy AND enjoy some of them!

The Jnury Cpricorn new moon ignites new ies n frienships

Tht’s the ie, Scorpio! When the Cpricorn new moon rrives on Jnury , n opportunity to join forces with kinre spirit might rise. A brinstorming session or converstion cn sprk mjor synergies. This meeting of the mins coul turn into bigger project tht unfols over the next six months. Explore slowly with low-risk tril to test whether your working styles relly mesh.

At this new moon, sibling, neighbor or collegue my figure into events. Open the oor to more honest converstion. If you’ve been tlking lot ltely, sk questions. Or if you’ve been keeping things to yourself, open up. Looking for some new plces to hng out or even live? Explore ifferent neighborhoos, he to concert or festivl or sign up for workshop to ste your curiosity. Le with sense of iscovery n openness: the perfect segue into new seson.

As you strt to seriously consier prticiption in this project, stop to self-ssess. How will this ffect your stress levels, your helth n your overll serenity, Scorpio? The new moon will lock into three-wy uel with the krmic lunr noes in Aries n Libr. As excite s you re bout this prospect, you my hve to work through feelings of guilt, nxiety n control tht surge up. These ol “scripts” re from your pst n re ue for n upte, Scorpio. 

If only tht were s esy s it souns! The key? Py ttention to your physicl stte, n you’ll know if you’re feeling “off” mentlly or spiritully. If your boy is surging with renline or umping cortisol, tke tht s sign. You my hve some subconscious fers n limiting beliefs riving this ngst n cusing your brin to sense nger, even where there (hopefully) is none. Meitte, tlk to wise mentor or o some minset work. The goo news? Any such efforts will py off this summer, when rre oubleheer of Cpricorn full moons rrive, on June n July .

The Sun enters Aqurius on Jnury 0

Let the hiberntion commence! On Jnury 0, the Sun burrows into Aqurius n your omestic fourth house. Your 0 got off to stimulting strt, but now it’s time to power own temporrily, or t lest to fin pockets of time when you cn. 

Spen the next four weeks mking your home wrm n cozy. Put little extr TLC into the smll etils, like perfecting the fmily photo wll, experimenting with slow-cooker recipes or orgnizing your closet. Peruse ecor n rt sites, n set up Pinterest bor for inspirtion if you’re oing big interior esign revmp. Refill your tnks now so you cn sustin high level of energy for the exciting yer he.

Pluto enters Aqurius gin on Jnury 0 

There’s no plce like home, Scorpio! But tht oesn’t men your home hs to sty the sme—either in ecor, lyout or loction. Plnting roots n creting sense of security wherever you go will be your mission for the next couple eces (relly) s your ruler, hevyweight Pluto, moves into your fourth house of fmily n omesticity.

From Mrch , 0, to June , 0, Pluto me its first ppernce in Aqurius since . On Jnury 0, it shows up for its secon visit, which will lst until September . Next comes finl encore in Cpricorn (September to November ) before the plnet of trnsformtion settles into Aqurius until (gulp) 0.

Due to its irregulr, ellipticl orbit, Pluto spens nywhere from to 0 yers in ech sign, n it tkes totl of yers to mke its wy through the entire zoic. Over the next two eces, while regenertive Pluto crosses your fourth house of kith n kin, you coul feel compelle to come to grips with intergenertionl ptterns, solve fmily mystery or investigte your ncestrl roots. (One nMe kit, to crt!)

If your home is not the scre snctury you wnt it to be, Pluto cn help you work with the invisible energies n hien forces tht perve the tmosphere. Beyon plcing crystls in ech room, iffusing essentil oils, burning sge n the like, you might consier Feng Shui (check out our self-stuy course Home Reset to get strte to unblock the flow of helth, welth n hppiness.

Your bon with your mother or nother mternl figure in your life coul be trnsforme by this trnsit. Perhps it’s time to outgrow coepenent ynmic or loosen the pron strings tht keep you stuck in the pst. You’re poise to strengthen the fountion upon which your ult life is built. Tht strts by fining your “inner prent” n your “inner chil”—n emboying the belief tht you hve everything you nee within yourself to feel sfe in the worl.

Clim your creer victory t the Jnury Leo full moon

The one y to force yourself out of hiberntion rrives on Jnury , when the yer’s only Leo full moon lns in your tenth house of creer n success. A mjor gol you’ve been working towr since s fr bck s the Leo new moon of August , 0, my come to fruition now. Well-eserve recognition coul finlly be yours. 

Rey to try new pth or go fter big opportunity? This full moon might close one oor n open nother. If it oes, roll with it. Ferlessly pursue your next momentous milestone—or celebrte victorious sprint cross the finish line. It’s oky to brg little when you’re prou of yourself. Even if you’re one of those Scorpios who prefers to keep mysterious low profile, shre the goo news with your networks. People wnt to see you thrive! 

If you coul be consiere for promotion or leership role, throw your ht into the ring. Any itionl touches, like pro-level eck or presenttion, will give you n extr ege. Tke the time to show tht you’re true contener! Just mke sure the people roun you hve your bck. With the full moon t os with both Jupiter n Pluto, someone coul be trying to unermine you. But in less nefrious wy, they my just feel little thretene by your mbitions, worrie tht they’ll be left behin. You cn ressure them of your love n cre, n let them know tht your big plns nee their unconitionl support!

Since the tenth house rules fther figures, your or n importnt guy coul figure into events ner this te. Spek from the hert if you’re clering the ir. But DO orgnize your tlking points n stte cler intention from the get-go. Focus on shre gol tht will be win-win n, if the other person grees, suggest few first steps you cn both tke towr tht en.

Urnus retrogre ens on Jnury

Is it time to go ll in? On Jnury , ricl chngemker Urnus wkes up from five-month np in Turus n your committe seventh house. A reltionship coul suenly zoom towr officil sttus…or you might tke complete etour n cll n lmost-finishe greement off. When Urnus forms speey trine to ction plnet Mrs (your co-ruler) on Jnury , chnges coul hppen fst!

The rel point, Scorpio, is tht you on’t wnt to be stgnnt. With inspirtionl n growth-oriente Jupiter lso in Turus until My , the best people re those who to your life in “+=” kin of wy. Any uo tht feels less thn ynmic won’t cut it, especilly if the other person is limiting you. Urnus wnts freeom of expression n room to rom—n tht’s one item you cn’t compromise on now! 

Security is sexy! The yer opens with the love plnets, Venus n Mrs, both in Sgittrius n your stbilizing secon house until Jnury . Prcticl concerns will fctor into ny romntic ecisions now. Your sensible sie isn’t entirely sieline, though. For couples, this trnsit cn inspire you to few sophisticte tes to the clenr. Tret yourselves, even if funs re little tighter post-holiy.

If you’re feeling little obsessive bout new love interest, this Venus cycle helps you evlute whether the logistics mke sense. For exmple, long-istnce reltionship might llow you to keep your personl spce, but will you get enough together-time? This month fins you weighing pros n cons. 

On Jnury , Mrs enters Cpricorn n your communictive thir house, reigniting your curiosity n pving the wy for fruitful ilogue. You won’t shy wy from sking the tougher questions between now n Februry . Mrs coul lso sprk up chemistry with frien, coworker or neighbor. Tht person who lwys shyly smiles t you in the elevtor or the one you see every morning t the coffee shop: you’ll never know wht you hve in common until you introuce yourself!

Venus joins Mrs in Cpricorn on Jnury , stying in this bubbly sector until Februry . Get busy plnning some new ventures n trying things you’ve never one before. Once you bring tht sense of possibility bck into your life, “boring” person cn suenly seem interesting gin. (Why know? Turns out it ws never bout them in the first plce…).

Put some stem into those synergies! Go-getter Mrs is blsting through Cpricorn n your thir house of communiction n connections from Jnury until Februry , mking this prime time for brinstorming, networking n tking meetings. You might hve so mny cretive sprks tht you wnt to collborte with everyone, but keep things in the tlking stge for now. 

Before you stck the ecks with so mny power plyers, crefully investigte their bckgrouns n ssess everyone’s potentil role n responsibilities. This is gret time to refine your messge, brning mterils n mrketing strtegy s you prepre to lunch full-frontl socil mei cmpign. The Jnury Cpricorn new moon coul plnt the sees for big ie or converstion tht expns into something much bigger.

If you hve full-time job, ientify your llies n soliify your bons in socil settings, like over lunch or fter-inner rinks. Wherever there’s tension with others, cler up ny communiction blocks. Looking for work? Short ssignments coul give you csh infusion without locking you into nything long-term. Spre the wor to friens, ssocites n former collegues tht you’re on the mrket.

The Jnury Leo full moon illumintes your tenth house of creer n chievement. Look bck to lst summer n n enevor tht begn then. Your efforts coul py off in tngible outcomes now.

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