Just ended and couldn’t move on. Until it has to be listed as a must-watch series…let’s end this year for A Journey to Love – 2023, a Chinese series about the battle for power. I just heard that ‘Liu Shishi’ will play the lead role as a female assassin. It’s a game that has Chinese fans laying out their mats and waiting to watch.

Because this is Liu Shishi’s return to a Chinese action series from the past 6 years. Plus it’s a heavy action role, wielding a sword, showing off the skills of Yutthapop’s number one female assassin throughout the story. Plus it comes together with ‘Liu Yuning’, a tall, smart, hot young hero from Satrihan Changge (The Long March of Princess Changge -2021), Sword in the Sky (Heroes-2022), An Lejuan (The Legend of Anle – 2023)

It can be said that it was a comeback with quite a bit of pressure for Liu Shishi. Because it has been far from action and period drama for a long time. But mother is mother With Liu Shishi’s superior performance and doubled beauty. Plus the chemistry between the double Liu couple (surname of Liu Shishi VS Liu Yuning), the characters are perfect and hilarious to play. And the storyline that can be taken care of makes ‘Across Phu Pha Han Challenge Love’s Destiny’ become a drug addicting series that viewers can become addicted to. along with a wave of positive criticism in China With Douban’s opening score of 7.5 (although it dropped to 6.6 towards the end of the story, At this point, I don’t want to spoil it. Whether it’s ‘bang’ or ‘bong’, just go watch for yourself.) Plus, its popularity in Thailand is ranked number one on the IQIYI Thailand app throughout the broadcast. Even after the series ended, it is still in the top charger.

For A Journey to Love – 2023, it is about the story of Ren Xin or Ren Ru Yi (Liu Si Si), the former left ambassador of the Red Guards of the An Province. An Assassin’s Secret Agent Betrayed by people in his own organization to the point where he had to fake his own death and hide in the organization. By impersonating Ren Ru Yi White Spy, the lowest level spy of the organization. To find out who really wanted to harm her and accuse her of killing the Emperor of the An Province. her benefactor

While searching for clues, there was a serious injury and came across Ning Yuanzhou (Liu Yuning), the leader of the Six Paths Unit. Wu Province spy organization Served as head of the Wu Province diplomatic mission. who are traveling to the region Together with the bodyguard and Princess Yang Ying Impersonating the Prince of Wu To go on a mission to bring a hundred thousand taels of gold to exchange for the emperor of Wu. who were taken hostage in the An province After losing the war

The first meeting of the two Ning Yuanzhou immediately knew by instinct that Ren Ruyi was not ordinary. Later, he learned who Ren Ruyi’s true identity was. And due to forced circumstances and having to rely on the ability to know the ins and outs of the region very well So he made an offer in exchange to Ren Ru Yi that he would help investigate the death of the Emperor of the An Province. In exchange for letting Ren Ru Yi be Princess Yang Ying’s teacher. People who don’t know anything about politics In preparation for becoming an ambassador Dealing with the tricks of the Royal Court of the An Province Promising that she would not get involved in politics between the two provinces. and did not reveal her true identity during the journey.

But throughout the journey, the cool Ren Ru Yi was liked. ‘Ning Yuanhou’ was extremely qualified to be the father of her future child. Whether it’s looks, intelligence, fighting skills, or personality. (Perfect with features But I don’t love you…eh! How?) Because she adhered to the orders of her former emperor who respected her. ‘Don’t trust men. But you should have children of your own.’ So she focused on ‘Ning Yuanzhou’ who had to become only the father of his child. But I don’t want you to be my husband! (Nan….advanced ideas, leading the trend)

It was said that this mission was a duty that the teacher needed to perform. You must come to the Awesome event! But the journey is extremely dangerous and must be undertaken. How messy is this story? This event is full of action scenes, tears, and jokes.
Overall, the main plot is a combination of the power struggle between the two provinces, the internal conflicts of each province, and Ren Ruyi’s revenge for her involvement in the spy organization. and her love coming from a foreign spy organization The main focus is on the mission of the diplomatic corps, with the princess leading the story.

Listening to stories may focus on politics. But let me tell you that it has quite a complete mix of action, drama, comedy, friendship, love, revenge, along with a touch of patriotic feeling. Conveyed through the bond during the journey of the Six Paths unit with the traveling group Ren Ru Yi and Princess Yang Ying.

Even during the first 2-3 EPs, the pacing of the story is somewhat confusing. This causes the audience to have a hard time understanding which direction the story will move in. Because time was spent laying out a complex background and quite a lot of characters. Until viewers who are not used to this type of series may have a break in the middle. But I recommend that you be patient and wait until you get through EP.3. I guarantee that you won’t be able to get addicted.

Distinctiveness that many People are as if they’ve been drugged. First and foremost, there’s the matter of a decisive, calm, elegant character. Until it is said to change the role of Liu Si Si in the role of ‘Ren Ru Yi’ to become Si Si the cool guy, Si Si the pay type, Si Si the offensive type who comes with the style of somersault action scenes. Soaring and thrilling Bring out weapons without blinking an eye in a dark spy look. Especially the sword dance scene that was designed to be fast and fluid, beautiful and unusual to match the camera angles. In a style that has never been seen in any series before. It is considered worth the effort that she put in to practice a special class especially for this series. It was a beautiful comeback for Liu Shishi.

Mom came here…this is just light. In the style of Liu Shishi’s killer There are still many more things in the story.

This doesn’t even include the Six Paths gang members, who each have their own release scenes. Countless cool scenes The action is shattered. Perfect with realistic special effects techniques, it’s like watching a superhero movie mixed with a spy movie filled with modern high-tech equipment. At the same time, the Six Paths unit is still a source of comedy. Make the audience laugh with their hilarious friendships where they joke with each other like crazy. He also acted as the hand-shaker for the queen. Until it leaves the face of the viewer again. This is the charm that makes this series not too heavy. But there are parts of humor that are interspersed with every EP.

Especially the role of ‘Fang Yilun’, this time he changed his look to play a funny role that he had never played before in the role of ‘Yu Xishan’, Ning Yuanzhou’s right-hand man. A flirtatious young guard who is obsessed with his good looks. Every time he appears, he has to come and laugh every time.

Fang Yilun’s tight, funny body must be given to him.

In addition to the action scenes being fun and concise, In the love part of the couple, it made the audience both happy and laughing throughout the story. Because as the story goes, both of them were spies for rival states. Of course, according to the first formula, there must be inconsistencies. But in this period of storytelling, the series twists this knot very quickly. Going beyond the traditional series storytelling formula, instead focusing mainly on breaking Ren Ruyi’s mental wall.

Because even Ning Yuanzhou and Ren Ruyi were spies as well. Intelligent and clever Good at planning The type that reads the other person’s mind immediately. But they have different personalities. Meanwhile, Ren Ruyi grew up alone. Don’t trust anyone. I only know the mission. Jane organizes matters of men and women. But I don’t understand love. It was different from Ning Yuanzhou. Those who see friendship as number one sympathize with others honor women This strength of his was like melting Ren Ruyi’s hard heart.

This difference makes it difficult in the beginning. Viewers will see the hilarity of the heroine who will come very hard towards our hero. He intended to be the father of his child without having to pay attention to Intha and Brahma. And our hero is secretly conservative and refuses to take a single stance. You will only have children with the person you love. But in the end, being a gentleman Plus teaching the heroine the word friendship. Waiting to be a support line for each other until far beyond the call of duty. It becomes a matter of learning each other’s habits. Make them both gradually Bound until it becomes love

For those who are impatient This story answers all the questions. Because she loved each other very quickly. Very good chemistry Plus, our hero is extremely jealous…without realizing it.

The world’s number one offensive heroine must be ‘Ren Ru Yi’.

Satisfied with each other…let’s see how sweet it is.

As if that weren’t enough, another character that the audience fell in love with and made them feel shocked at the end of the story is Princess Yang Ying (played by He Lan To), who disguises herself as a prince. To act as head of the diplomatic corps negotiating the exchange of hostages. At the beginning of the story, she was just an ill-fated young princess. that viewers will adore her for her cute personality nonstop But Princess Yang Ying is the character with the most development in the story. From the teachings of Ren Ruyi and Ning Yuanzhou Including the most stressful situations causing her to eventually transform from a canary in a golden cage into a falcon.

From gradually beginning to know the truth that my brother (Princess Tan Yang) and sister-in-law (Xiao Yan Hong Hao), whom she greatly respects. Instead, he used her as a political pawn as a stepping stone for himself to become great in the Wu Province. Moreover, later on, he came to see the true nature of the man he truly loved who had never been honest with her. After a broken heart Finally, the little princess’s eyes opened and she realized: If she wants to survive The only thing that can be relied on is Himself and the Six Paths unit that followed her. To which He Lan countered. The actor who played this role You can hit this chapter to pieces. Get a feel that is both cute, adorable, and completely impressive.

Princess Yang Ying The character who has the most growth in the story It is believed that the audience will fall in love and be shocked at the end of the story.

In addition to the characters having almost every dimension and tying up stories that make you want to follow. The series also brings together top-quality guest actors who are familiar faces to Chinese series fans as guests on screen. It’s estimated that there are only a few scenes but are unforgettable, such as Chen Du Ling from Sunset Moon (Till The End of The Moon – 2023) playing the role of Xiao Yan, Emperor of Wu, Chen Xiaoyun. From the Pearl Eclipse (Novoland Pearl Eclipse – 2021) as Su Guifei of the An Province, Huang Mengying from Three Lives and Three Worlds Sib Li Peach Forest (Eternal Love – 2017) plays the role of Jin Mei Niang, Zhang Zixi from Moon Sunset (Till The End of The Moon -2023) plays the role of Jia Ling, the right ambassador of the Red Guards, etc. This is just Give an example The series still has a lot more.

Spoilers come here. Let me tell you, if you don’t watch it. Considered a big mistake Let’s go follow for a long time, nonstop style, both Thai subtitles and Thai dubbing, totaling 40 episodes, on iQIYI.

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Liu Yuning plays the role of Ning Yuanzhou

Liu Shishi plays the role of Ren Ru Yi

Fang Yilun plays the role of Yu Shishan.  Ning Yuanzhou's right hand  The flirtatious young guard  Who sells laughs every time he appears

Huang Mengying plays the role of Jin Mei Niang

Zhang Huashen plays the role of Li Tongguang, Ren Ruyi's former disciple.

He Lan Tu plays the role of Princess Yang Ying

Chen Xiaoyun plays the role of Su Guifei of the An Province

Chen Duling plays the role of Xiao Yan, Emperor of the Wu Province

Zhang Zixi plays the role of Jialing

Chen Haoyu plays the role of Chu Yue, Li Tongguang's mischievous fiancee.

Six Ways Unit Team  Handsome and cool like a boy band

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